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The Illuminator Extreme Facial

The Illuminator Extreme Facial
For longer-lasting results this is a deeper treatment that builds on The Illuminator.

How it works
As with the Illuminator, this treatment begins with a double cleanse and peel, followed by the mesotherapy (see above). It then uses a gentle 0.3 mm micro needle roller. The roller increases the absorption and effects of the minerals, vitamin and hyaluronic acid solution of the mesotherapy. Finally ending with the hydrating mask, gel and moisturizer. The roller can be taken by the client for home use, prolonging the treatment at home.

A deeper rejuvenation, this treatment helps stimulate new collagen, producing increased elasticity and smoothness, with longer-term results.

Time: 1 hr 15 minutes

** Please note the above facials are not suitable for anyone pregnant, diabetic or allergic to Aspirin.