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Lines & Wrinkles

Frown lines, Forehead lines, Lines around the eyes and mouth

  1. Results
  2. Follow up treatments
  3. What can BTA do?
  4. Is BTA safe?
  5. How does BTA Work?

Most people are concerned about Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTA) treatments being obvious. Dr Prager is well known for achieving results that are natural, beautiful and most of all discreet. Injected properly, BTA makes you look more relaxed, younger and fresher. Only you need to know. All that matters for you is to look better, not different.

Follow up treatments
After your first treatment it is advisable to make a follow up appointment within 4 weeks to evaluate the results of the procedure and for small top-ups if needed.

In order to get the best possible results, repeat the treatment within 4 months. Treatment should not be more frequent than every three months. If you don’t continue treatment, the wrinkles between your brows will gradually return to the way they looked before your initial injection, this will take several months, however.

What can BTA do?
If you have BTA at the right time (before you have very deep or obvious lines) it can prevent the need for drastic facial surgery later in life. Most people could avoid surgery if they had BTA to relax the muscles in their face and neck in combination with fillers at an earlier stage in their life. It is a great anti-ageing treatment if used in the correct way. If you have obvious signs of “jowliness” when you are 30, then you can avoid the need of surgery at 50 if BTA is employed properly. It’s so much easier to maintain a “youthful”, natural look with injectibles than it is with surgery. There are few surgeons who can pull it off.

Is BTA safe?
Yes. It is licensed for the use in children from as young as 2 years onwards, has over 30 years of clinical data to document the safety and is used in over 5 million procedures annually. In other fields it has been used to treat muscle spasms and muscle hyperactivity. Much of the negative image attached to Botulinum Toxin Type A is down to the fact that people still think that there are only two alternatives – either looking old or looking “Botoxed” – i.e. frozen-faced.

How does BTA Work?
BTA is a muscle relaxant which is injected in very small amounts into certain facial muscles to reduce muscle movement where it is injected.

Lines are caused when the skin has lost some of the elastic fibres and cushioning collagen that makes the skin plump and elastic. The movement squeezes the elastic material out of the skin and causes an indentation. This is less visible when we are young, but as we age, collagen and elastin production is reduced, making skin more vulnerable to developing lines in the areas where there is a lot of movement – between the eyebrows, around the eyes from the nose down to the mouth. Reducing the movement with BTA allows the skin to replace the collagen, reducing the lines. Generally, you’ll start to see improvements two to four weeks after treatment. The results will continue to improve until the BTA wears off, which is usually 3-4 months. Sometimes it takes longer for the line to disappear completely. That is why it is recommended to repeat the treatment every four months in order to get the best possible results.