Natural solution for thicker hair – we are pleased to support the launch of HAIRGAIN

A natural new supplement to give your hair back its thickness and shine. From giving birth to being premenopausal, or simply daily stress, hormonal changes is the main cause of hair …read more »

How to stop your mobile from giving you a wrinkly neck

The term 'tech neck' is being used to describe the creases above the collarbone caused by repeatedly bending to look at devices. Journalist Hannah Betts, recently came to the clinic …read more »

Get some help to slim down for summer! Lose 1-2 sizes in 30 days with this revolutionary new slimming product

30days™ WAISTLINE is a food supplement with herbals extracts, DtoX™, beta glucans and minerals. A patented health supplement for waistline reduction; reduces the accumulation of …read more »

Support the Targeted Body Lift treatment with Oxytarm

It is a great way to detox and cleanse your body from the inside. Oxytarm is formulated for a gentle colon cleanse. It is a blend of ozone, oxygen and magnesium, tied together in a …read more »

NEW body treatment for Summer 2016! The Targeted Body Lift

Stubborn cellulite, stretch marks and fatty areas that feel impossible to tone can now be given a fresh, new lease of life for summer with Dr Prager's most intensive body treatment yet. …read more »

Glowing skin in January

Infuse new life into dull January skin with Dr Prager's newest facial. The Rejuvenator is an instant pick me up to help your face glow during the long winter months. A potent …read more »

It’s party season! Look your best in your little black dress.

Dr Prager recommends Oxytarm Plum as the best pre-party cleanse for a flat and light um! Oxytarm Fruit and Fiber Plum is a food supplement with fruit, fiber, herbs and probiotics that …read more »

New facial launch!

We are pleased to launch a new facial this autumn, The Rejuvenator. Infuse new life into tired or dull skin with Dr Prager's instant pick me up. A potent combination of a mild peel, …read more »

Dr Prager named Best for Botox!

We are pleased to announce that Dr Prager was named Best for Botox in Harper's Bazaars Best of the Best list. The October issue of Harper's Bazaar features their annual Best of the Best …read more »

What a prick… It takes 15 minutes. Doesn’t hurt (much) and nobody will ever know

Dr. Prager is dedicated to making sure his clients come away looking better, not different. Last week beauty columnist Hannah Betts featured Dr Prager in ES Magazine. She writes, …read more »

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