Dr Michael Prager, our founder, simply could not sit back and allow trusting consumers to be blinded by pseudo-science and convinced to use products that are harmful both to themselves, and the planet. Not to mention, often entirely ineffective.

It was during a stint as a skincare judge that he became aware of how limited the options for truly safe, ‘clean’ beauty are.

Out of 150 award-standard entrants, once he removed the ones loaded with acrylics, silicones and other microplastics, products packed in plastic, products containing PEG’s, parabens, nano-particle SPF, chemical SPF and other inflammation triggering nasties, he had just a handful left. None of which were mainstream choices, and this was before he’d even assessed for any kind of benefit.

Guided by the principles he’d developed in his 20-year career as a renowned clinician, Dr Prager set about turning the industry on its head, spending five years formulating a line and treatment protocol he’d not only use on his discerning clients, but on himself and his own family.

And so Urban Protect was born.

A bio-clinical skincare range designed to help protect and repair the signs of environmental damage fast. Uncompromising skincare. Skincare with science at its heart. And above all, skincare that delivers results.