Dr Michael Prager

I grew up in a middle sized town in Germany near Stuttgart. After graduating with reasonably good grades and following my 15 months civil service as a parachutist in the German Bundeswehr I enroled in Medicine at the University of Tuebingen in 1989.

We all find it hard to accept the physical aging process. The great part of growing older is that one can hopefully find the wisdom to accept it.

I grew up in a middle-sized town in Germany near Stuttgart and enrolled in Medicine at the University of TĂĽbingen in 1989, one of the best medical faculties in Germany.

In 1995, my year of graduation, Germany was in turmoil after the re-unification and the University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital, was kind enough to offer me a post as a senior scientist. Aside from the research work, like everybody else in Cape Town I did some shoots for sports catalogues, TV commercials and worked as an extra.

I was able to witness the huge pressure young people put themselves under to become a “star”. Of course, that was nothing compared to the celebrity culture and what social media does to people nowadays.

London, Marylebone, 2000
My time in South Africa had to come to an end. I was invited to be a cosmetic practitioner in a private London clinic and finally set up my own practice in Harley Street in 2001.

The Natural Look 2002 onwards
Most patients who come to us now are still worried about looking weird or done. What they are really saying is; they want to be more attractive but not different.

We have an acute sense for beauty, and this is what we are all after. And funny enough, all the trademarks of beauty, white teeth, lean body shape, even skin pigmentation and skin pore size are trades of health and promise an evolutionary advantage when it comes to mating with the attractive equal-healthier partner. It is all about survival of the species….

2014 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
In 2014 I managed to publish a study on the outcome of “Best Practice” Botox® and Filler treatment together with Professor Bernhard Fink in Germany. We obtained some “brag book” before and after images from a Botox® manufacturer. Presented at random, the students had to grade the images for youth, attractiveness and health perception.

Amazingly, not so much for me, as I thought this would happen, the patients 4 weeks post “Best Practice” Botox® looked LESS attractive than before!

I can therefore claim to be possibly the only Cosmedical Practitioner who has proven that Botox® injected according to industry standard makes people less attractive.

Over 100.000 Injections
Between 2015-2019, according to manufacturer’s data no other practitioner has injected more Botox® and Dermal Fillers singlehandedly, even though this is unconfirmed.

2019, London The Prager Clinic and Store at 52 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge
The Clinic, the products we sell, the treatments we offer, the people who work there, we are dedicated to preventing, restoring and maintaining a person’s health and youth.

Health: We have gone to huge efforts in making this building the cleanest Airspace in London. We installed the most up to date fine dust particle filters throughout the whole building. Come to us and you even if it is just for a breath of fresh air, a whiff of Hydrogen and a really nice cup of tea.

Attractiveness: We are a leading part of the cosmetic industry and as such we want our surroundings to be practical but also attractive. We are discreet, healthy and beautiful.

Human: There is only one reason why we are doing this; to maintain, protect, and restore our patient’s health and youth. Our products, our treatments, the people we work with are all part of this tryptichon.

Reason for Being
Like so many people we want to do the best, to ourselves to others and for our future generations. Health, Youth and Beauty is all linked and the pursuit of it is a human need.
As a practitioner we have to guide and treat with empathy but never have a solution more harmful than the problem we are facing.

2019 Dr Michael Prager Skincare
People tell me I am the only one who actually reads the list of ingredients on a cosmetic product rather than looking at the packaging….
The luxury market is full of empty promises and highly processed petrochemicals in a pretty jar. Rich in silicone and acrylics they form a nice glossy layer on the skin, hiding what’s underneath but there is very little benefit in the application for the skin as such.

The other extreme are the so-called cosmeceuticals. Harsh, abrasive ingredients based on Retinol, Hydrocortisone, Hydroquinone and AHA’s. Your skin becomes red, sore, sensitive, doesn’t sound like fun to me either. And you are addicted to SPF.

Surely most people when given the choice want to use skin products that are healthy for skin and environment, free from microplastics and hormone modulating chemicals.

I am still a sucker for luxury, but I am also a staunch believer in Homeopathy and have NEVER in 20 years of practicing prescribed Antibiotics to any of my patients.

I had to make my own skincare! Based on natural ingredients but also extremely active in preventing damage. As I spend most of my life on the beach, a bike or somehow outside I need all the antioxidant protection from UV, and Environmental Harm I can get.


Dr Michael Prager

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