Dr Michael Prager

I grew up in a middle sized town in Germany near Stuttgart. After graduating with reasonably good grades and following my 15 months civil service as a parachutist in the German Bundeswehr I enroled in Medicine at the University of Tuebingen in 1989.

Surprisingly this Medical Faculty has been awarded year after year as one of the best places for Medical Studies in Germany. I completed in 1995 and due to huge changes in the German health system following the Re-Unification and the economic slump that went with it I decided to spend some time overseas.
The University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital, was kind enough to offer me a post as a senior scientist. Aside from the research work, like everybody else in Cape Town I did some part time modelling for sports catalogues, TV commercials and worked as an extra in all sorts of productions. I still remember the first shoot I was on. The rather plain looking female model transformed in front of the camera into an attractive female. This is where I realised first hand thehuge gap between natural and photographic beauty. The brief stint in the modelling industry was retrospectively extremely helpful and has shaped my current work as a cosmetic practitioner more than I would have thought at the time.

London, Marylebone, 2000
As I felt my time in South Africa had to come to an end in 2000. I was invited to become the resident practitioner in a private London clinic and finally set up my own practice in Harley Street in 2001. At this time only a hand full of practitioners were in full time cosmetic practice, most of those are by now already or very close to retirement. My advantage was, that the time spent as a PhD student (due to my obsession with riding motorcycles, exercising and generally having a blast I never managed to finish it…) made me think much more “outside the box” compared to my colleagues.

The Natural Look
In 2007, first advocated when most of the industry was still confining themselves to plumping the upper lip, injecting naso-labial folds and producing pillow cheeks. At the time the popular fillers were thick and one could only produce very visible enhancements. None of it made aesthetic sense to me and finally the tide turned and I was at the forefront of the second generation cosmetic practitioners who thought more scientific about beauty and aesthetics.

Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
I even published a paper on attractivenss research in a renowned Medical Journal 2014 on the outcome of cosmetic treatments on the perception of beauty and youth. From there I featured almost weekly in the National Press, TV, Radio, and so forth.

Over 100.000 Injections
Between 2015-2019, according to manufacturer’s data no other practitioner has injected more Botox® and Dermal Fillers singlehandedly, even though this is unconfirmed.

Urban Protect Skincare
I developed this skincare after being in this Industry for a long time and even presenting for SkinCeuticals and L’Oreal at several conferences. My own Skincare had to be quite different (I even believe in Homeopathy… ). My Skincare is formulated for use even on my children’s skin. The products protect my skin whilst commuting through London on a bike or when going swimming, cycling, playing on a beach. The products are free from Microplastics, Acrylics, Silicones, known carcinogenics and Chemical SPF. Protective and luxurious, easy to use and most of all completely harmless to human and environment.

Flagship Store and Clinc at 52 Beauchamp Place 2019
The Urban Protect Skincare Range available in our Knightsbridge Clinic. This place was designed in accordance with the principles that govern our practice, our products, our daily work.
Health: We have gone to huge efforts in making this building the cleanest Airspace in London. As I am no friend of the Urban Environment and believe it is rather harmful for us on many different levels, for me to work in central London I needed to create my own space. Especially clean air, the reason why so many people who commute, work and live in central London are so unhealthy. We therefore installed fine dust particle filters in every room and throughout the whole building.
Attractiveness: We are a leading part of the cosmetic industry and as such we want our surroundings to be useful, practical but also attractive. We are discreet and skillfully beautiful.
Human: There is only one reason why we are doing this; to maintain, protect, and restore health and youth. Our products, our treatments, the people we work with are all part of this tryptichon.

The Clinic and Store provides the very best in cosmetic and anti-aging treatments to all of those patients who are interested in prevention, restauration and promotion of their health and appearance. We are working as a team of doctors and specialists who offer a huge array of procedures under one roof.

Reason for Being
Early in my career I asked one of the most famous Cosmetic Dermatologist how I can succeed. His advice:
“There are no shortcuts, offer the very best quality treatments, work your butt off and most of all care for your patients as if they are a family member”.


Dr Michael Prager

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