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Named as one of Europe’s most skilled practitioners of cosmetic medicine, London-based, German-born and internationally educated Dr Michael Prager has been the key opinion leader for treating his patients in the most naturally attractive way.

Unlike many other practitioners who treat the different parts of the face in isolation, Dr Prager’s method is to focus on the face as a whole. His clients come away looking better, not different – younger and fresher, with their natural beauty noticeably enhanced.

This trademark approach – along with the safety of his procedures – has led to Dr Prager becoming one of the most sought-after aesthetic doctors in Europe. His ‘Non-Surgical Facelift’ provided an alternative to surgery, using Botulinum Toxin to lift the jowl and neck area, while replacing volume around the cheek, temple, brow and chin area.

Dr Prager was the first practitioner to advocate the use of Botox for the lower part of the face and neck (as featured in The Daily Mail). His policy of avoiding invasive surgery or potentially damaging treatments sets him apart from the majority of practitioners and ensures a deeply loyal, satisfied clientele with his London-based clinics attracting a global following.