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Dear Dr. Prager: Does Dehydration Cause Wrinkles

Dear Dr. Prager, I was recently told that my dark circles and wrinkles could be related to not drinking enough water. I drink at least a few cups of tea and decaffeinated soda throughout …read more »

Ageing Gracefully Must Be A Considered Choice

Dear Readers: I am often asked about what causes the skin to age, and whilst there is a long list of ways to age skin (smoking, drinking and sun all come to mind), we often overlook the …read more »

4 Wellness Hacks To Enhance Any Treatment

Dear Readers, Throughout my career, have seen thousands of patients and watched hundreds of innovative procedures change the way we approach ageing and shook my head as cocky beauty …read more »

Winner: Cosmetic Doctor of The Year award

We are proud to announce that Dr. Prager has won the Cosmetic Doctor of The Year, for the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards. Dr Prager’s commitment to beauty safety is what makes him …read more »