Cheek Lift featured in The Ultimate Guide to Anti-ageing

We are proud to have been featured twice in The Ultimate Guide to Anti-ageing, by the Daily Mail.

The Cheek Lift and Banishing the Tech Neck, received top scores for Effectiveness. See the full assessment by Hannah Betts, below.


Dr Michael Prager is a pioneer of the natural-looking ‘work’ movement, restoring the face’s youthful structure via Botox and filler, rather than crudely freezing and

Michael is regarded as the Michelangelo of the needle – his clients look fantastic rather than ‘done’. In the past, practitioners used thick, heavy-duty fillers to create the freakish, chipmunk-cheeked effect we are familiar with from Hollywood work gone bad.
Prager deploys malleable Juvederm – a dermal filler – to ‘pin’ the face back on to the bone and give it stability, counter-acting the downward slide we experience with age.

How it feels
Dr Prager pulls the tissue as he injects, then moulds the Juvederm into place. It doesn’t hurt – the only squeal I emitted was one of pure pleasure, as results are instant – and there’s no downtime.
One minute your face looks tired and drawn; the next, your cheeks are subtly, but beautifully, rounded.

The knock-on effects are no less delightful: eye hollows appear less cavernous and the lines around one’s mouth soften. Michael recommends having his cheek lift in conjunction with his famed lower-face Botox, which firms jowls and baggy necks for the full rejuvenation effect.

The results
Words cannot begin to express how much I love my new face. No one guessed what I’d had done, but everyone told me I looked wonderful.

Ouch factor: 3/10

Effectiveness: 10/10

Time taken: 30 minutes, plus the consultation

Price: Cheek filler from £695

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