Hand Rejuvenation

What is the Problem?

Do your hands look older than your face? According to the great dismay of glove makers, Jacky O. was the first lady to omit wearing gloves in public. This opened the floodgates for all sorts of aging hands, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. Along with developing sun spots, thinning, dehydrated, aging skin can make hands look much older in contrast to the face. Rehydrating and plumping the sub dermal collagen layer at the back of the hands with Hyaluronic acid or Profhilo® can also reduce the appearance of veins.

Age of onset

Around 40 but earlier if sun damaged

Alternative treatments

IPL/Laser for the treatment of age spots and pigmentation
Dermal fillers for plumping
Cryotherapy for freezing of sun spots

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