Daily Mail – How to lose 5inches (for ever!)

“No diet. No exercise. Yet, remarkably, no more pear shape. How one writer discovered a… Miracle that made me lose 5 inches (for ever!)”

When I heard that a fat eliminating treatment called “Fire and Ice” had come to the UK from the US (where it is widely used), I wondered if this might finally be the answer. It didn’t involve knives or needles. There was no down time and minimal risk. Fat reduction of 20-25 per cent was likely but some people had seen up to 40 per cent. Furthermore the treatment promises to tackle not just fat but also skin tone. In other words I’d not only see the inches disappear but also the skin become smoother and tighter.

The treatment is, in fact, a combination of two distinct therapies. The first (the ice part), explains Dr Prager, involves killing fat cells by freezing them, a process called cryolipolysis. Because we don’t develop many new fat cells after puberty, the thing which makes us fat is not the production of more fat cells but rather the filling of the ones we already have. If the fat cells aren’t there, they can’t fill up. Cryolipolysis kills fat cells allowing them to be excreted harmlessly from the body while leaving other cells unharmed. You only need one treatment but it takes between one and three months to work.

However, continues Dr Prager, as with liposuction, removing fat by freezing it can lead to unattractive dimpling, making cellulite appear worse rather than better. This is where the ‘fire’ part of this new therapy comes in. During this portion of the treatment a device delivering radio frequencies is used to heat the collagen below the skin causing it to tighten and regenerate.

While Fire and Ice therapy isn’t surgical, it doesn’t sound pleasant either. Dr Prager says that some people do find cryolipolysis painful and other experience numbness or aching after the procedure. A bit like being bruised. As to which body parts you can have frozen ‘anywhere you can pinch, apart from the breasts.’ My wobbly saddle bags are, he says, perfect candidates for treatment. Currently measuring 41 inches (a 12 at the hip), Dr Prager reckons, with luck, I’ll be looking at loss of at least one dress size.

CoolSculpt (freezing) costs from £750 per area but price is based on consultation as several areas may need to be treated.
Venus Legacy is priced at £300 per session and for this therapy between 6-8 sessions are recommended.

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