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Micro Mesotherapy® Facial

Micro Mesotherapy® Facial
This is Dr Prager’s ultimate skin resurfacing treatment. The skin renewal that takes place can take years off of your look. It was the treatment featured on the Channel 4 programme, 10 Years Younger.

How it works
As with the other treatments, the skin is gently double cleansed, and a mild peel is applied to purify and exfoliate. However, this treatment uses a significantly increased needle depth for the micro needle roller, which is passed over your skin, as well as an intense peeling treatment. The skin’s collagen is stimulated with the roller and then infused with a hyaluronic acid, mineral based solution for both long-term rejuvenation and instant plumping.

Transient redness can last 3-5 days. Minimal skin peeling and mild dryness may also occur.

This treatment produces truly astounding results. It addresses serious pigmentation problems and treats acne scarring. It increases elasticity and smooths out wrinkles on the face and décolletage, giving the skin a real make over. The effects could last 12-24 months.

Time: 2 hours

** Please note the above facial is not suitable for anyone pregnant, diabetic or allergic to Aspirin or using Retinol