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Venus Glow™

Get the glow with an instant radiance boost

Our Venus Glow™ brightening hydrofacial is the ultimate dermal rejuvenation treatment combining cleansing exfoliation, extractions and hydration with no downtime. Perfect to give your skin an instant radiance boost, improved elasticity and better hydration by extracting unwanted dirt and oil. It’s great before any facial treatment or as a standalone ultimate cleanse.

Watch how it combines a deep cleansing action with exfoliation, via an adjustable vacuum and spiralised treatment tip which gently remove impurities from the stratum corneum without irritation.⠀

The treatment is customised for your unique needs using hydradermabrasion techniques that clean, plump and polish your skin, boosting elasticity, reducing pigmentation and giving you back your glow.

Expect to see a more even skin tone, improved elasticity, better hydration, obliteration of blackheads, reduced sebum and on top of that it also enhances the potency of any post-treatment products.