Get a beach body with no effort

The Venus Legacy treatment has been a big success for many our clients.

Venus Legacy is the superior treatment for tightening the skin, reducing unwanted wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and contouring the face, neck and body at maximum depth. This cutting edge treatment requires no downtime, and is painfree.

It was recently featured in the Daily Mail. Jilly Johnson came to the clinic to try it and below is an excerpt from the article where she shares her experience:


PROBLEM: My tummy, which had been as flat as a pancake throughout my youth, had developed the most disconcerting wrinkles. It crinkled up like a piece of clingfilm when I sat down. Although I’m slim, I’ve put on a stone since my modelling days and I’m particularly unhappy with the two Swiss rolls of flab either side of my tummy which developed in my 50s. I usually cover them with kaftans when I’m on the beach, but there’s nowhere to hide in a bikini!

SOLUTION: Venus Legacy uses heat waves in the form of radiofrequency to tighten skin, as well as gently heating and melting fat. Once the fat is broken down, the body’s own drainage system flushes it out, while the combination of heat and suction tightens skin.

It’s non invasive, there’s no downtime or pain, and it’s available nationwide. The only downside is that you have to have a course of six treatments. But they last only 15 minutes – so quicker than spending hours doing sit ups!

I went to Michael Prager’s clinic on London’s Wimpole Street, where the therapist pressed a hand-held metal probe against my stomach and muffin top, a relaxing sensation similar to a hot stone massage.

RESULT: I was hoping for instant results, but when I checked immediately after my stomach looked the same. Yet by the end of the six weeks, the difference was enormous. I look so much more honed, the muffin top has gone and the skin on my stomach is far tighter – as smooth as it was in my 40s.

£300 per session
£1500 for a course of 6 sessions
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