How to stop your mobile from giving you a wrinkly neck

INSPIRE-Hannah Betts neck botox john godwin - (hannah receiving treatment at clinic - various angles)

The term ‘tech neck’ is being used to describe the creases above the collarbone caused by repeatedly bending to look at devices.

Journalist Hannah Betts, recently came to the clinic to talk to Dr Prager about using Botox as a solution.

Her experiment was a success. She writes: “It’s pretty much pain-free, takes seconds and, costing from £495, should last about nine months. Ten days later, with apologies to Nora Ephron, I love my neck: taut, smooth, un-tree-trunked – it is a thing of 18-year-old beauty. I put my first neck selfie on Facebook: ‘Necklaces care of Felt London: neck care of Dr Prager.'”

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In the article Dr Prager says, ‘Both men and women worry about this area – mostly too late,’ he sighs. ‘Men hide it with a suit and tie. Women have fewer options.’

And how do you know if you have tech neck? ‘Push your bottom teeth in front of the upper, look at the ceiling and turn your head from left to right as if following the sun from sunrise to sunset. If it hurts, then you know you have to do something about on the onset of tech neck.’

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