Tech Neck featured in The Ultimate Guide to Anti-ageing

We are proud to have been featured twice in The Ultimate Guide to Anti-ageing, by the Daily Mail.

The Cheek Lift and Banishing the Tech Neck, received top scores for Effectiveness. See the full assessment by Hannah Betts, below.

Call it ‘tech neck’, the result of hours of staring down at phone screens, or call it the raddled throat we earn with age, but many of us will relate to the late Nora Ephron’s much-loved essay:
I Feel Bad About My Neck.

My own had gone from being a swan-like, ballerina taut affair to being ringed like an ancient tree trunk, with an increasingly flabby, jowl-heavy jaw above. Jaw-clenchers such as myself are particularly prone.

Step forward Dr Prager and his revolutionary lower-face Botox, in which strategic jabs are used to firm up the drooping jowls and baggy neck that are a giveaway of your age.

This treatment is the jewel in the crown of his natural-looking¬†‘work’, restoring the face’s youthful structure, rather than clumsily freezing the forehead.

The aim is to combat the overactive muscle movement that causes slackening, relaxing the muscles that pull the neck down, rendering the jaw line undefined.

How it feels
He starts with a visual assessment. He gets me to clench my neck and jaw so he can locate the exact spots to inject. I have soon amassed several pinpricks – slightly more on my left side, where the slump is more severe.

The results
Afterwards, I put some concealer on the pinpricks and go about my business, no downtime whatsoever. One prick turns into a love-bite-style bruise, but is easily disguised with make-up. Ten days later, I utterly adore my new neck: taut, smooth, unlined. As for my jawline – it’s as sharp as a young Hollywood heroine’s. The effect lasts around nine months.

Ouch Factor: 4/10

Effectiveness: 9/10

Time taken: Ten minutes, plus consultation

Price: Lower-face Botox from £595

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