Have you looked at yourself on zoom calls recently? Do you feel tired, stressed and your face shows it? Does “the motion equal the emotion”? In the right hands, Botox® reduces the appearance of frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet and jowls, relaxes muscle movement and can improve the way you feel.
  • From £595
Is this your problem?

Are you suffering from Migraines, Tension Headaches, are you grinding your teeth or frown and scowl even when you are not aware of doing so? Botox® once injected correctly relaxes overactive muscles. It feels as if finally, you can let your face rest. There is no downtime and you will see and feel results within 7 to 10 days. No more angry face or clenched teeth.

The Benefits: Botox® can even work against depression!

If you can’t do the motion (frowning, clenching, looking angry) you can’t have the emotion (feeling down, depressed, frustrated) that goes with it! In a recent study Botox® was more effective for treating depression than Prozac®. Migraine and Headache Patients: There is hardly anything that works as well as Botox®. A lot of patients find this treatment very relaxing. It lifts their mood, reduces headaches and relaxes tight muscles around the forehead or jaw. Lines and wrinkles can fade for a period of 6-9months, sometimes even longer.


We usually recommend a treatment interval of 4-6 months for the first couple of sessions. Thereafter 6-9 months between treatments is also possible.


Prices for Frown/Forehead/Eye area inclusive are starting from £595

What is Botox®

Botulinum Toxin type A (BTXA) is used in many fields of medicine. It works by relaxing overactive muscles movement. BTXA is a prescription only medicine and should be injected by a licensed health care professional, doctor or nurse. Virtually all of our patients present with some form of medical indication. The side effect of relaxing facial muscle movement can be a smoother complexion.

Who is most suitable for Botox®?

Botox® is not really an anti-wrinkle treatment. Facial lines and wrinkles are mainly caused by a lack of skin collagen. It is therefore wrong to only use BTXA to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The real use of BTXA lies in its reduction of hyperactive muscle movement. This goes in hand with frowning, tension headaches, migraines, clenching of the lower jaw and so forth. At The Prager Clinic we use more BTXA than any other place because we treat most of our patients in the upper and lower face area. Problems such as jowling, clenching and grinding of the teeth can be treated very successfully.


There are mainly three different Botulinum Toxin A’s: Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin®. Different manufactures have different preparations. We have tried them all over the years and use only Botox® in our office, even though it is the most expensive of all toxins.

What is the results of the treatment?

The procedure is virtually painless, the effects take plus minus 3-14 days to develop. Hyperactive frown muscles stop contracting and tension, headaches, migraines, squinting and frowning upon screen work is reduced. In the lower face the strength of the muscles pulling the face down and clenching is minimised which ultimately reduces facial sagging and lower face volume. BTXA can also be injected for excessive sweating, mostly in the under-arm area.

  • From £595

Conditions botox can treat

Teeth Grinding
Facial Lines
Sagging Cheeks
Wrinkles: Forehead, Glabella, Crows Feet
Neck Bands
Gummy Smile
Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
Square Jaw
Eyebrow Lift


A TriBella™ treatment lasts under one and a half hours.


We recommend a course of 6 treatments to reach the full effect.You will usually need a 6 treatments to see the full effect.


Every 4-5 weeks. Optimal results are visible approximately three months after the last treatment. For maintenance, one treatment every six months is ideal.


Low downtime of up to 3 days.

Urban Protect Day Oil

With Vitamin C and Pure Gold Flakes. An exquisite face oil, beautifully light and luxurious, which instantly illuminates with pure gold flakes. Combines brightening and tone-correcting potent Vitamin C and restorative Argan Oil. Acts as a sealant against pollutants and boosts radiance.

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