Dermal Fillers

Does your face look saggy, your cheeks are losing volume and you look older than anybody else in your online meetings? Have you even considered undergoing plastic surgery? What more do you have to lose?
Could this be your problem?

We all know that we are aging. Especially looking down at a computer screen during online meetings. Most of these changes are due to losing facial volume, skin, muscle and bone. For some people these changes can be pretty unsettling and especially when one side of the face seems to be noticeable different from the other. Facial asymmetry and loss of volume is a common concern. Also, as we age scars and dents in the skin tend to grow and become far more visible.

How Dermal Fillers can work for you

The good news is that for most people there is no need to see a plastic surgeon. Volume replacement with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm® for instance can reduce the appearance of facial asymmetry and sagging of the cheeks. Dermal Fillers can even improve scarring and pitted skin over time and repair the skin’s collagen layer.

Dermal fillers are also extremely successful in treating the appearance under eye hollowing, loss of cheek volume, hollow temples, and so forth.

How is it done?

The product is injected through either needle or canula. The treatment is usually quick. Today’s dermal fillers contain a small amount of local anaesthetic which makes them pretty painless.

It takes less than 30minutes, leaves virtually no trace and gives you an instant lift. Lips, cheeks, chin, jawline, Naso labial folds. You can leave and feel and look younger immediately. Of course, as with any injection there is a small risk of bruising but it is really quite rare.

At The Prager Clinic you will have a 3D image taken. You and your practitioner are able to see how much volume is needed to give you back your youthful complexion.

How long does the treatment last?

HA fillers provide an aesthetic effect for an average of at least 6-12 months, in some cases up to 2 years. We would recommend a follow up after around 6 months to check if we need more.

How much does the treatment cost?

Of course you want to know how much you are going to pay for your treatment. This can vary as to how much product is required and where it is injected. We tend to charge per syringe., Usually a 1ml syringe is enough to treat lips, under eye darkness or replace volume. Of course it depends how much volume has been lost.

Prices for 1ml Syringe of Dermal Filler from £595

Conditions dermal fillers can treat

Volume loss
Loss of collagen
facial lines
sagging cheeks
dry chapped lips
solar elastosis etc


A TriBella™ treatment lasts under one and a half hours.


We recommend a course of 6 treatments to reach the full effect.You will usually need a 6 treatments to see the full effect.


Every 4-5 weeks. Optimal results are visible approximately three months after the last treatment. For maintenance, one treatment every six months is ideal.


Low downtime of up to 3 days.

Urban Protect Day Oil

With Vitamin C and Pure Gold Flakes. An exquisite face oil, beautifully light and luxurious, which instantly illuminates with pure gold flakes. Combines brightening and tone-correcting potent Vitamin C and restorative Argan Oil. Acts as a sealant against pollutants and boosts radiance.

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