Fat Dissolving

Pot Belly, Saddle Bags, Love Handles, Inner Thigh, Bra Bulge… Injectable Lipotherapy helps to reduce, shrink and tighten excess fat successfully.
Do you have areas of excess fat that won’t disappear with regular exercise and healthy eating?

The answer for all of us is probably yes! The cause of this lies with our genetics. The body needs fat to supply energy so we store it in our fat cells. Where these cells are located in our bodies is determined by our genetics. Some of us get lovehandles others get saddlebags. When we loose weight fat cells shrink in size because we are using the energy (fat) stored inside them, but they never disappear completely.

How does Injectable Lipotherapy work?

Substances such as AQUALYX® or KYBELLA® (in the past it was Lipostabil®) contain a naturally occurring bile acid which dissolves fat in our bodies. The main function of bile acids in the human body is to digest fats and these injections work in a similar way, dissolving fat cells through a process called lipolysis. It acts on the fat cell walls de-stabilising and causing them to collapse. They release their contents which is metabolised for energy and the rest of cell gets mopped up by the bodies defences.

Who is Suitable?

Injectable Lipotherapy can improve body contouring by helping to remove stubborn fat pockets that don’t go away despite increased exercise or dieting. They are not used for weight loss.

What areas can be treated?

Injectable Lipotherapy can be used to treat almost any area with localised fat pockets. The most popular procedure is the double chin removal but jowls, back rolls, saddle bags, ‘bra-roll’, waist, buttocks and abdomen injections are also popular and effective.

What are the side effects?

Injectable Lipotherapy has no reported long term side effects. You will have some swelling and redness in the treated area which starts to settle after a few days and should be gone within 3 weeks. You will feel some discomfort but this is not usually severe with a little bruising expected.

I am interested, where can I find out more?

Please call our clinic and speak to our Injectable Lipotherapy specialist Dr Lizzie Tuckey to explore your treatment options.

Is Injectable Fat Dissolving for you?

The ideal patient for any Lipo treatment is not overweight and the areas for treatment are small. Belly, love handles, inner thigh, outher thigh, bra bulge…. If it fits in one hand, can be pinched and retracts nicely, all these are good indications for a successful treatment.

How does Injectable Lipo work?

Injected into the fatty tissue through a thin needle or a cannula, the number and size of fat cells in the area reduces and the fat dissappears. The substance causes swelling of the fat cells which eventually causes them to burst. The fat cell content is then absorbed and disposed off by the lymph system. Over the next 2-4 weeks the localized fat deposits reduce and become noticeably smaller.

The most common substances for Injectable Lipotherapy are called Aqualix® and Kybella®.

The treatment is very safe compared to Surgical Liposuction or even Coolscultpting®. There is a chance for bruising and the treated area feels quite tender for a couple of days. First results should appear after 2 weeks but develop over time. 6-8 weeks after the initial treatement we assess and maybe re-treat.
We often recommend a side by side treatment either with an Ultrasound device and/or vacuum massage and radio frequency to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

How does surgical Liposuction work?

We are born with a certain number of fat cells. The fat cell’s main aim in life is to become as fat and as big as possible.

Liposuction works by sucking the fat cells out. It is still a very common and successful method. The treatment Is risky, painful and linked to serious side effects. Skin dimpling, scarring, unevenness, loss of tissue texture and elasticity are all potential and common side effects. Surgical Liposuction is not an ideal treatment.

Non Invasive Lipo

The so called “non-surgical” or “non invasive” methods aim at localised fat cell reduction, which basically means localised fat cell destruction. This can be achieved through heat as in laser treatments, Radio Frequency or Ultrasound application such as VASER®, Thermage® or Ultherapy®


Fat freezing treatments work by freezing the fatty tissue. The delicate fat cells are destroyed as the fluid in the cells becomes frozen, chrystalises and ruptures the cell membrane in the process. Not a very gently procedure by any means. The whole of the tissue has to undergo severe traum as it is turned into a lump of ice. The fat cells are the ones to die off, the rest of the tissue, skin, nerve, vascular supply can recover.

Only once Lipostabil® (see below) was taken off the market did Coolsculpting® managed to establish itself as a popular method. The results were never even close to injectable Lipotherapy. Until now.

The original Flab Jab, Lipostabil®

Hardly any of today’s practitioners advising their patients on non surgical fat removal treatments would have been around 2004 to 2006. The Flab Jab, injectable fat dissolving with a substance called Lipostabil was incredibly popular. Todays Aqualix® for instance is similar. Lipostabil was initially desigend for intravenous use.

Injected into the fat tissue it could dissolve fat cells, similar to surgical lipo suction but much easier. It became so successull that it caused a huge dip in surgical liposuction treatments. Eventually, the whole thing spiralled out of control and the substance was taken off the market. Sadly really as it was safe, effective and a great alternative to surgical intervention.


A TriBella™ treatment lasts under one and a half hours.


We recommend a course of 6 treatments to reach the full effect.You will usually need a 6 treatments to see the full effect.


Every 4-5 weeks. Optimal results are visible approximately three months after the last treatment. For maintenance, one treatment every six months is ideal.


Low downtime of up to 3 days.

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