The Lower Lift Facial

Using advanced, non-invasive technology to lift, tighten and smooth the lower third of the face. The facial combines hydra-dermabrasion – to deep clean, plump and polish the skin removing the daily effects of pollution, impurities and blackheads – with an anti-oxidant infused facial massage, LED light therapy and Transderm. Duration around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Transderm is the needle free solution to target early signs of ageing – delivering hyaluronic acid deep within the skin. Using electrical pulses, transderm temporarily breaks the bonds within the skin allowing the hyaluronic acid, in the stabilised form of Restylane, to be delivered deeper than would be possible with a topical treatment alone.
Created to target signs of ageing around the mouth, chin and jawline such as sagging, lack of elasticity, hyperpigmentation and fine lines; The Lower Lift Facial gives an instant tightening, smoothing and lifting effect to the lower third of the face.
“The lower third of the face tends to be a common giveaway when it comes to showing signs of ageing, these include a lack of volume, elasticity and brightness around the lower face and mouth. While loss of volume happens throughout the face it really is at the lower third that it initially becomes noticeable.” 
– Dr Michael Prager

Using jet streams smaller than the average pore, we infuse the skin with hydrogenated water, working deep in the dermal layers to bring high-level antioxidant protection and hydration, whilst removing the daily effects of pollution and impurities.

A targeted lymphatic massage follows, and the treatment is finished with an LED based anti-inflammation procedure to reduce redness and irritation, whilst also helping to stimulate collagen.

Combined with our advanced natural skincare range ‘Urban Protect’, we create an occlusive protective layer against environmental damage, leaving skin glowing and rejuvenated. 

Conditions The Lower Lift Facial can treat

Jowls & Saggy Cheeks
Skin Laxity
Jaw line Contour
Marionette Lines
Fine lines
Ageing around the mouth


A Prager Hydrogen Infusion treatment lasts under one hour.


Once a month


Once a month


Clients may experience mild short-term redness.

Urban Protect Day Oil

With Vitamin C and Pure Gold Flakes. An exquisite face oil, beautifully light and luxurious, which instantly illuminates with pure gold flakes. Combines brightening and tone-correcting potent Vitamin C and restorative Argan Oil. Acts as a sealant against pollutants and boosts radiance.

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