We are here to help you now!

Do your frown lines make you look angry or sad?

Do you feel like the oldest person during your zoom meetings?

Are you watching your diet but you still have excess fat pockets?

Have you even been thinking about plastic surgery?

You are not alone. At The Prager Clinic we have literally helped thousands of patients to re-gain their physical and psychological youth.

You don’t have to be confused anymore.
This is what you get here at The Prager Clinic

Full 3D Consultation

You will receive a full 3D Face & Body scan and you get to keep the images. Whether you have the treatment or not.


Even having just one treatment, depending on the area can give you years of the results you always wanted.


You will look naturally healthy, more youthful and attractive. Most of our patients have come to us for years and their friends and family just think they never age.

Knightsbridge London

We are here to help you now!

We all know how it feels when you become unnoticable and you are starting to feel less attractive.

The social pressure on looking younger and better can become quite overwhelming.

In this fast moving, everything digital society aging is a cause for isolation and the faces we see on social media are becoming more and more alien. We don’t believe in any of that.

At The Prager Clinic we have done over 100,000 treatments and it feels as if we are just warming up!

So whether it is just a few frustrating fat pockets or your face looks a bit tired and grumpy and you feel it; we are here to help you!

In the Press

“Subtle Rejuvenation is Prager's Speciality”

“The Hydrogen Bar at Dr Michael Prager’s Knightsbridge is famed for its ability to reduce the impact of oxidative stress”

“It takes 15 Minutes, doesn't hurt (much) and nobody will ever know”

The Prager Clinic


For most people it is difficult to find an aesthetic practitioner they can trust.
At The Prager Clinic our doctors have more than 60 years experience in treating patients successfully for all sorts of cosmedical conditions.

Call us now to make your appointment. Find out how we can help you become more healthy, youthful and happy with yourself.

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Don’t worry about your next zoom meeting
Our 3 proven steps to make you look as good as you feel

Schedule a Consultation

Meet with one of our consultants so we can get to know you and help define your needs

Create a Treatment Plan

Together we will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

Get Results

Regain your healthy, youthful complexion in a totally stress free way.

Let’s create your future together

At The Prager Clinic we know you are the kind of person who wants to prevent the aging process, restore your health and wellbeing and maintain your youthful complexion in a discreet and natural way.

The problem is, you might be worried about having a cosmetic procedure that could make you look unnatural and even cause the opposite effect of what you wanted to achieve. Like so many people you might know personally or see in the media and on television. You might even have considered plastic surgery as the only way to help you, but you just don’t feel it is right for you.

At The Prager Clinic we completely understand your worries. We believe that nobody should have to be scared or worried about seeking treatments that make you look and feel younger and better about yourself.

For over 20 years we have been supporting our patients to promote their physical and psychological health and wellbeing. We were one of the first clinics to realise how important it is for our patients to feel naturally younger and attractive without showing signs of cosmetic intervention.

The Prager Clinic

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