Skincare needs a holistic approach which is what The Prager Clinic offers. The injectables and Treatments form a non-invasive boost that works in balance with your night and day skincare regime.



  • From £595
Have you looked at yourself on zoom calls recently? Do you feel tired, stressed and your face shows it? Does “the motion equal the emotion”? In the right hands, Botox® reduces the appearance of frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet and jowls, relaxes muscle movement and can improve the way you feel.

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Dermal fillers

Does your face look saggy, your cheeks are losing volume and you look older than anybody else in your online meetings? Have you even considered undergoing plastic surgery? What more do you have to lose?

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Fat Dissolving

Pot Belly, Saddle Bags, Love Handles, Inner Thigh, Bra Bulge… Injectable Lipotherapy helps to reduce, shrink and tighten excess fat successfully.


Remodel  your skin in 5 minutes with a Profhilo® treatment.  Profhilo® stimulates your body’s natural collagen cells and has a tightening effect on the skin that reduces the laxity associated with aging.


The Prager Hydrogen Facial

A deep cleansing facial which uses hydrogenated water to jet wash the skin, remove dead cells, cleanse skin pores, black heads, etc. Hydrogen is the most potent, easily absorbed anti-oxidant available. It can be inhaled, dissolved into drinking water, the possibilities are endless. This facial was developed for VIP treatments all over Europe during the launch of Prager Skincare. For many people this is possibly the best facial treatment they ever experienced. Duration around 45min

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Radio Frequency Resurfacing

  • Legacy Prices
  • Face £245
  • Face & Neck £345
  • Face course of 6 £1200
  • Face & Neck course of 6 £1800
  • Viva Prices
  • Face £395
  • Face & Neck £695
An intensive lifting treatment that smooths and re-defines the facial contours

IPL & Triple Treatment

A synergistic fusion of three powerful treatments for the ultimate skin rejuvenation



An intensive lifting treatment that smooths and re-defines the facial contours.

Prager Skincare

Like so many other people you might have been told the only way to beautiful skin is by using Retinoic Acid and lots of SPF?

Is your skin feeling dry, sensitive and prone to irritation. Do you have to avoid sunlight and struggle with uneven pigmentation?

We feel your pain. Dr Prager Skincare offers you gentle and natural protection. Now you can also have the beautiful skin you always wanted.

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