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From £200

Prior to any treatment you will receive a personal consultation to assess treatment suitability. The consultation fee will be redeemed against any treatment you book.

Hand Restoration

From £395 per hand

Prager Clinic introduces a complete hand restoration treatment. Created to counteract the effects of aging, sun damage and the loss of skin elasticity; it promises to restore hands to a healthy, plump and youthful state.

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From £595

For a Botox treatment to make any sense and work to the patients benefit there has to be an underlying medical indication. A welcomed side effect can often be a cosmetically pleasing outcome but this is in direct proportion to the degree of initial muscle hyperactivity prior to the treatment.

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Dermal Fillers

From £695

HA Dermal Fillers are used to restore and maintain facial volume in patients where the subcutaneous structures have become dystrophic, meaning disappeared or reduced in size to a point where volume replacement is the indicated treatment.

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From £395

Aqualyx injections are an excellent fat dissolving treatment for double chins or other stubborn fat pockets on your body. To get Aqualyx in London come to one of our two top clinic locations.

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From £295

Remodel your skin in 5 minutes with a Profhilo treatment. Profhilo stimulates your body’s natural collagen cells and has a tightening effect on the skin that reduces the laxity associated with aging.

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Dr Prager Skincare Treatments

For non-injectable facial and full body treatments please visit our clinic at Beauchamp Place