Skin Resurfacing Treatments & Facials

Your skin is as unique and individual as you are, that’s why all of our treatments and procedures begin with a free consultation and Visia skin analysis, a visual aid that allows us to view pigmentation, pore size, porphyrins UV spots, sun damage, texture, and the depth of wrinkles. It’s this kind of knowledge that makes us better equipped to give your skin the love and care it needs.

Our skin resurfacing treatments and facials are suitable for all skin types and all colours, all year round. Although RF therapy machines such as Morpheus8 are all the rage right now, we achieve similar or better results with tried-and-tested repeat treatments that require shorter downtime.

Venus Viva Ablative

A resurfacing, collagen-stimulating treatment that’s suitable for all colours and all skin types. While this is a radio frequency treatment, we don’t endorse the extremely high intensity treatments that are popular because…


A complete detox for the skin and a super-hydrating and collagen-stimulating facial that provides a long-lasting glow with no downtime…

The Rejuvenator

A more intense anti-ageing treatment for compromised skin that achieves maximum results with a downtime period dependent on natural skin sensitivity levels…

Prager Facials

We offer a number of bespoke facials that we then enhance and tailor to the needs of the individual. Skin beauty needs skin health, and we supply both at The Prager Clinic….