The Types of Indoor Air Pollution Damaging Your Skin

I am often asked about what causes the skin to age, and whilst there is a long list of ways to age skin (smoking, drinking and sun all come to mind), we often overlook the impact of damaging free radicals and other environmental factors. Living in London where the traffic pollution is so heavy, I often tell my clients that graceful ageing must be something they make a considered effort to achieve.

There are a number of treatments that will help combat ageing and offer immediate relief from the visual effects, but it is equally important to consider your lifestyle and the way you’re treating your body each and every day. Too many people think they can skimp on sleep, eat unhealthfully, drink loads of alcohol and down a smoothie every so often and simply get a bit of filler and botox and they will wake up looking youthful. It simply doesn’t work that way; you cannot fool mother nature, no matter how good your practitioner is.

It is for this reason that I am so excited about my new project and so determined to bring my clients the best in beauty treatments both in terms of injectables and topical treatments, but also by sharing transparent wellness tips which will allow them to glow naturally and healthfully while enjoying the latest advancements in fillers, botox, lasers and other treatments to look their very best.

This week, I would like to encourage all of you to drink a little more water, less alcohol, pay attention to the foods you are eating and take a few moments to meditate in order to lower your cortisol levels. If you’re in need of a spring treatment or procedure, book one this week as we tend to fill up during summer.

Dr. Prager