4 Wellness Hacks To Enhance Any Treatment

“Throughout my career, have seen thousands of patients and watched hundreds of innovative procedures change the way we approach ageing and shook my head as cocky beauty trends strutted through (and then were banished) from the pages of the world’s most popular magazines.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that age is inevitable and the way we age has as much to do with how we live as it does the procedures we choose to have. Though I have built my career on offering the best possible treatments with an aesthetic and artful eye, I have always had a passion for combining technology with the power of natural and self-care. This is why I have been working diligently on my upcoming skincare line and why I always discuss the value of healthy lifestyle choices and mindfulness with my patients. I am an advocate for 360 beauty and that means we must acknowledge the importance of releasing negative emotions, limiting alcohol, engaging in positive self-talk, getting proper nutrition and engaging in active practices such as meditation to bring the body and mind into balance.

Today, I want to share a few wellness tips with all of you in the hopes you will use them as a reminder that your biological age impacts everything from your mood and ability to repair cells to your immune function and lifespan.”

Dr Michael Prager

Drink less alcohol and more water.

You don’t have to down gallons or push yourself to drink glass-after-glass, but if your only source of liquid comes by way of a vicious cycle of coffee, black tea, soda and alcohol, you’re not doing some real damage to your organs- the ones inside of your body and the one covering it. Dehydrated skin looks dry, old and grey and can itch and flake whilst organs are forced to work overtime, unable to flush out toxins and function properly. Do you really want to be moving slowly through your day with dark circles, feeling constipated and confused? Then drink up.


Study-after-study has shown that meditating for 30 minutes a day can aid in the body’s ability to repair itself. Additionally, it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase circulation and signals the left side of the prefrontal cortex responsible for triggering happiness.

Stop putting yourself down.

I love to use treatments to help my patients look refreshed, but it always saddens me when someone sits in my chair looking for me to “fix” something. We all have “flaws” and many people spend far too much time amplifying them to the point of anxiety and making a mad rush into a dermatologists chair. Though some doctors might appreciate that kind of fear-to-sale practice, that’s not why I am in this business. We all have negative and self-defeating messages that pop into our heads now and then, but if you find yourself battling a  constant stream of internal criticisms, it’s time to start working on building your self-acceptance. No treatment will silence an internal bully and a client battling this kind of self-rejection can never enjoy or fully appreciate a treatment as it will never be enough.

Balance your internal and external treatments.

I am always happy to sit with patients and work out a complex 360 programme that includes a proper skincare routine, long-term treatment plan and wellness approach that will keep them looking and feeling great throughout each chapter of their lives. Your Botox should happen every 3-4 months but you should be eating antioxidants, hydrating and finding some kind of movement every day.