• Dermal fillers are a great anti-ageing treatment - in the right hands.

    The Filler Files, Part II: Pump Up The Volume

    Fillers are pretty amazing. They stimulate collagen, they make pores smaller, they’re great for treating acne scars and hydrating skin, in fact they’re a valuable and viable solution for anything to do with ageing where the root cause is a loss of collagen. However, they are not miracle workers. There are limitations and, as the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing.

  • Dermal fillers are excellent for skin rejuvenation ... in the right hands.

    The Filler Files (Part One)

    Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are possibly the best way to restore and maintain skin health, skin structure and tissue integrity – but it depends on who is using it and how they use it.

  • The London Lip is the perfect lip - only at The Prager Clinic.

    The London Lip: bold, beautiful, and balanced

    Plump, youthful and perfectly in proportion, the London Lip is how all lip augmentations would look if they were done by a principled practitioner with the relevant skillset and a sane understanding of aesthetics.

  • Dr Michael Prager talks about excesses in the cosmetic medicine industry

    Dr Prager Talks to Tatler

    “Cosmetic medicine has become a commercial setup either fronted by practitioners as body dysmorphic as the patients they treat or the fame-hungry who merely want to hang out on the red carpet and post to their social media”

  • Leading Botox doctor says less is more

    Stop Botox Madness

    In March, Daily Mail Online contacted Dr Michael Prager to ask what he thought about injectables and the under-30s. He told them, honestly, that the rise of ‘injector influencers’ meant Botox had gone too far.… Continue reading Stop Botox Madness