The Advent of Urban Protect

It’s long been known that our changing environment can damage our planet’s ecosystem, but it’s only recently that we’ve begun to understand its devastating impact on our skin. 

That understanding is the core value at the heart of the Urban Protect skincare range.  To really appreciate what makes our approach so unique, it’s key that we share what our founder, Dr Michael Prager’s decades of providing clinical facial treatments and procedures has shown him about skin ageing. 

A Pioneering Approach

Unlike the traditional approach of treating each area of the face in isolation, Dr Prager developed a non-invasive way to work with the whole facial structure, reducing the signs of ageing without compromising movement.  In this way he could offer a more natural way to turn the clock back. 

This multi-award-winning method is now renowned across the industry, revolutionising the way many practitioners manage clinical treatments like Botox. It became startlingly obvious though that many of the signs of ageing he was repairing were unnecessary, and being caused by external damage, rather than part of a natural genetic process. 

This means that for most of his clients, if the right skin protection approach was adopted much earlier, the need for interventions could be dramatically reduced.  

Many of us have bought into the idea that ageing is caused by sun exposure, and whilst there is some truth to that, evidence suggests that particularly in the UK where sun exposure is largely limited, environmental pollution is as much to blame.  

Pollution is changing our skin daily, and not in a good way.  It is ageing faster, looks less radiant and loses definition at a much earlier stage in our lives.  Nowhere is this truer than in our built-up urban areas. This impact can’t be minimised by using SPFs, which we strongly believe can bring their own negative health impact – it needs a radical approach to skin protection to make a difference. 

Despite years of searching Dr Prager couldn’t find the right solution in existing products on the market. 

Dr Prager is an advocate of skincare based on naturally active, clean ingredients but he also needed clinically effective results to meet both his own high expectations and that of his clients.  

There was simply no point in developing yet another ineffective solution; if he wasn’t prepared to put it on his own face, it just wasn’t good enough. It’s taken five years of intense research to create a solution that meets the levels of skin protection he believes need to be met.

Products with Purpose

The result is a curated collection of six skincare essentials.  Each is designed to work not only with each other, but with the challenges of the environment. To treat signs of damage already caused, but also actively protect from further impact. 

When it came to the formulations, it was hugely important that we only used the purest, most potent natural ingredients available on the market to ensure the highest quality and maximum efficacy. They are a key part of what is known as ‘The Prager Approach’, bridging the gap between clean skincare and powerful clinical results.