• Skin Resurfacing in Summer

    It’s Not a No-No – It’s Who You Know There’s a popular myth within beauty circles that you can’t do skin resurfacing treatments in the summer. Well, this is not completely true. The fact is, you… Continue reading Skin Resurfacing in Summer

  • Dermal fillers are excellent for skin rejuvenation ... in the right hands.

    The Filler Files (Part One)

    Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are possibly the best way to restore and maintain skin health, skin structure and tissue integrity – but it depends on who is using it and how they use it.

  • Dr Michael Prager talks about excesses in the cosmetic medicine industry

    Dr Prager Talks to Tatler

    “Cosmetic medicine has become a commercial setup either fronted by practitioners as body dysmorphic as the patients they treat or the fame-hungry who merely want to hang out on the red carpet and post to their social media”

  • Doing Botox the right way with Dr Michael Prager

    When it Comes to Botox, I’m Proud to be ‘Old School’

    Roll up! Roll up! Get your recycled, upcycled, brand-spanking-always-been-done, boho-cosmetic procedures here! Brotox, Haytox, Microtox, Handtox, Twintox, or Baby Botox, there’s nothing we can’t ‘tox’ and if you’re really hip there’s the Lip Flip and… Continue reading When it Comes to Botox, I’m Proud to be ‘Old School’


    BECAUSE OUR ANTI-AGEING FACIALS ACTUALLY WORK Meet Karen, a Prager Clinic client who very kindly allowed us to document her progress as we worked to achieve the smoother, clearer, younger-looking skin she yearned for. Using… Continue reading REAL CLIENTS, REAL RESULTS